10 Gift Ideas For Your Brother This Rakshabandhan


No relationship is as fun and loving as that of a brother and sister. Those fights over the TV remote, blackmailing each other with secrets, that over-protective stare that a girl gets from her brother when she comes home late, these are the things that make it even more special. So why not let your brother know how special he is this Rakshabandhan? How about surprising him with a nice gift - but only after you have gladly emptied his pockets and tied the thread of course!

To help you out, here is a unique blend of gift ideas we are sure your brother will fall in love with.

1. E-Reader

If you sometimes don't see your brother for the whole day only to find out later in the evening that he was in his room with a book and a do not disturb sign, an e-reader makes a perfect gift. Believe me your bibliophile brother will love you even more for it.

2. Fitbit

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If morning runs and healthy food is what your brother is obsessed about, he sure is a fitness junkie. Why not help him out a bit in his #fitnessgoals with this tracker. It will also work for all the couch potato bhaiyas who won't leave the TV room at all. Fitbit will definitely motivate him to work out. He will thank you later.

3. A Boat Trip

Who doesn't love the sea? And what better way to let your brother take a day or two off and' send him sailing? Be sure to gift him this book as well to make it an even more enjoyable experience. It has all the sailing information he might need as a beginner. Goa has some amazing boat trips planned out for tourists. Chack out all the info here.

4. A Digital Camera

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If your good for nothing brother bothers you all the time by taking funny and stupid pictures of you and everything around with his cellphone, its time he gets his due credit and a digital camera ofcorse. Freezing a moment to treasure forever is the best one can do with their good times. And who knows this may lead to great career ahead?

5. A Collection Of His Favourite Movies

His laptop may already be filled with downloaded movies but a collection of original Dvds has its own charm. He will love the high quality plus he gets to show off his collection to his friends. Throw in some game dvds and you have him at your service.

6. Books

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Books are the best gifts for anyone.Perfect to take a pause from the chaos and spend some alone time. If he already is a book lover you must already know the kind of books he reads. If not here are a few recommendations that will surely get him started.

Harry Potter Series : The eighth book just recently launched and if he hasn't read the original Harry Potter series yet, he seriously lives under a rock. Please pretty please bring him to light.

Three weeks with my brother: A story of two brothers who embark on a three week journey around the world. Inspiring isnt it?

The Lowland: Two brothers go apart, have different principles yet never forget the time spent together.

7. Lazy Reader's Glasses

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Because books don’t have to keep him sit uptight. Let your brother lie down and enjoy reading without straining his neck. Wish I knew about them earlier. Could have avoided all those mornings when I woke up with neck cramps from all the night time reading!

8. Home Baked Cookies

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Who doesn’t love that fresh warm aroma of a freshly baked cookie? Bake him his favourite flavour to show him how much he means to you.

But hey, if you are not into baking, get some recipie books up your shelf before you start being adventurous. Like the one here for starters.

9. Chambray Pocket Square

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Ripped jeans and a casual tee no doubt rules our brother's wardrobes but on those ocassions when he absolutely have to wear a suit, let him do it in style. A shirt and a blazor thrown over may be his idea of a suit but gift him a chambray pocket square anyway. He may be hesitant to wear it initially but when he does, it will just wow everybody around. 

10. A Leather Bag

Whether your brother is just starting out in his career or already a working professional, a bag like this one is sure to get a lot of headturns, as he enters the office in style. 

Did you set your mind on any of these gift ideas? Please share with us in the comments below.

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