10 Times Celebrities Showed their Love for Books on Social Media

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When we think of celebrities, their fashion statements, their hairstyles, the events they are into is what gets the most attention. One look at their social media profiles and we see thousands of drool worthy bikini clad pictures. But a few of them are in love with a new accessory these days - books. More and more actors are updating their fans about their everyday reading.

Take a look at some of their posts where they show their love for books.

1. Emma Watson

Emma Watson is one of the most nerdy celebrities of all. Not only did she continue her education after the Harry Potter movies wrapped up, she also started a book club #OurSharedShelf where she often posts about the books she is currently reading. Three books in less than a month? Now that is our #readinggoals, isnt it? 

Grab the books Torch, Wild and Tiny Beautiful Things. If Miss Watson recommends it, it has to be totally worth it.

2. Emma Roberts

All Emmas are bookworms I guess! Emma Roberts just like her name twin loves to read and often shares her books on social media. As much as we loved to hate the mean girl Chanel in Scream Queens, we definitely love to love her for the being a lover of books that she is.

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3. Reese Witherspoon

If there is one person who has the power to make any book’s amazon ranking soar it is the talented Miss Reese Witherspoon. Her production company Pacific standards is known to treasure hunt books and turn them into movies. She also started a book club and posts her readings in the regular with the hashtag #RWbookclub in instagram with millions of followers to it.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

We are still obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw and her love for shoes after all these years. But binging over Sex and the City I realized that Sarah Jessica Parker totally proves she is in fact Carrie. How? Atleast she knows a bit about good writing. All her book picks are great must reads and she is even a member of the book club where they actually meet every month. A woman with a great fashion sense and love for the written word. 

Get a copy of her recommendation Sweetbitter here.

5. Mayim Balik

This actress is as much a geek as her TV character Amy Farrah Fowler of The Big Bang theory. She regularly updates about her latest reads on instagram and even started a hashtag #readwithmayim where she reads a particular book along with her followers. Great way to reach out to your fans Amy!

Buy The White Wall here and dont forget to post it with #readwithmayim and let her know you are on board.  

6. Olivia Wilde

She is sexy, she is smart, she is an avid reader. Olivia Wilde is the kind of girl who would want to spend her afternoons sprawled on the couch with a book in her hands. And why not? When your parents are authors, you incline towards the books quite naturally. 

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7. Shahrukh Khan

Its not just the international stars that are so well read. Our bollywood celebrities love spending their time with books too. Our Bollywood badshah Shahrukh Khan does much more than spread his arms and melt our hearts away. He Reads. In fact it is so important to him that he keeps it in his to do list. Love you for this Shahrukh!

8. Kajol

If its not evident from the cool geeky glasses she dorns these days, take a look at her twitter updates and you will know how much she loves reading. So much so that that she enjoys discussing about books in Literary festivals. Now this is one celebrity who really takes time out for literature and is happy to do so.

Get Sialkot Saga here, if she is so excited about it, you might as well be.

9. Twinkle Khanna

Mrs Funnybones being a bookworm is not a news. Her coloumns are satirical and slaps reality onto our face like no other. Here we get to peek into her reading list for this month. Off to catch the books she likes now.

When breath becomes air

The white castle

10. Priyanka Chopra

Well, this is one tweet we completely relate to, don’t we? When our Piggy Chops isn’t busy taking over the world, she loves holding a book, sniffing it and reading it just as we do. All the signs she is a real lover of books and not the usual kindle reader on the go. 

Have you read any these books our celebrities are currently reading? Share with us in the comments below.

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