The 5 Most Important Things About Preeti Shenoy's "It's All In The Planets"


Preeti Shenoy's new book, It's All in the Planets, is ready for release. Are you planning to read it? Here's a sneak preview  of the most important things we know about It's All in the Planets.

1. It's a love 'quadrangle'

The male lead is Aniket, "Mr.Average". The female lead is Nidhi, and her significant other is Manoj, "Mr.Perfect". Aniket's girlfriend is Trisha, a model. So there are 4 players in the romantic field here.

2. The story focusses on Aniket and Nidhi.

Aniket and Nidhi, who are both romantically involved elsewhere, meet on a train, a chance encounter where she agrees to become his ‘relationship coach’. Will readers find them a better match for each other than the ones they've chosen themselves?

3. Trisha is sexy and demanding, but she's NOT the villain.

Yes, Trisha is described as sexy and a model, while Aniket is an Average Jor whom she's been persuading to lose weight. But as Preeti Shenoy herself clarifies: "Trish is definitely not bossy, demanding or mean-spirited! She adores animals, stray dogs in particular. As regards Aniket is concerned, she is honest to the point of being abrasive and she doesn’t realize it. She has guys fawning all over her and is quite used to the male attention. She is in a profession which demands extreme fitness, and valuing that as a trait in the opposite sex, cannot be classified as being mean." We're glad that her portrayal avoids stereotypes!

4. The marketing for the book is intriguing!

As Preeti puts it:"My hand illustrated-journal has launched a war with my home-made video." Read more about the hilarious battle on Preeti's blog post here.

5. It's available of pre-order already - and at a discount!

Buy Preeti Shenoy's It's All In The Planets at the lowest price here. And look out for the review... coming up soon!

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